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Auto Detailing

No-H2O is going to change the way you see car washing forever.
We're better for your schedule and for the environment.

About us

The car wash industry has not changed in 100 years. Until Now.

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Learn more about No-H2O and
our vision for the future of carwashing.


Try green.
The fastest route to clean.

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Waterless, the stigma attached. Does it scratch?
How does it work?
All of your questions answered and doubts washed away.

On Demand

The fastest route to victory.

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No-H2O has developed the first on demand carwash & detailing app.
Tap the App and have your car washed anytime, anywhere.


The future of car washing,
wrapped up in a franchise.

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We are the first to franchise On Demand.
The future is technology driven, offering the consumer pure
convenience using the gig economy workforce.
Franchise with us.


Water – it’s the oil of the future.

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Traditional, 35 gallons (132 Litres) of fresh water to clean 1 car.
No-H2O, no water to clean 1 car. You do the math!

Our Believers

“This is about building an organization for success. This is about winning”.

Steve Jobs.

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See some of the leading global companies who believe in No-H2O.
They don’t just believe in No-H2O, they have adopted No-H2O.

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